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Waiting room TV: Modern software for the medical practice

On average, patients spend almost three quarters of an hour in the waiting room before treatment or examination begins. With digital signage displays in practices, clinics and other facilities, you can bridge this time in a useful way.

Digital signage solutions in the waiting room - IAdea Deutschland GmbH

Use waiting times sensibly: With waiting room TV

While patients are waiting for their treatment, they often reach for the newspapers on display or their own smartphones. They use them to bridge the boredom or anxiety caused by an upcoming treatment. A waiting room TV provides the necessary variety here and helps to shorten the perceived waiting time.

Whether it's the weather report, health tips or information on further treatment options: With a waiting room TV you can inform, point out products and services or simply make the waiting time more pleasant. The moving image is always the focus of interest. Nevertheless, you can flexibly decide which content should be displayed. From photos or videos, advertising films, a TV or news program to websites, everything is possible.

Digital signage devices have long been part of everyday life today and therefore enjoy high acceptance among your visitors. You can find the displays today, for example, as a digital bulletin board in companies or as a hotel display at check-in. Interactive screens and info displays have also been used willingly for a long time. They are ideal for displaying even more comprehensive information on your waiting room TV.


"Next, please!" - Using digital call systems cleverly

A waiting room TV can be used as part of a system for digital admission control or as a kind of video wall. However, the most popular application is to use the waiting room TV as a digital call system in the doctor's office. This way you spare your patients annoying announcements. Thus you create a calmer, more pleasant ambience in your premises.

The combination with digital door signs is particularly useful: Ms. Mustermann is called up via the waiting room TV and sees her name, the treatment room and, if necessary, brief directions. When she arrives at the appropriate room, the digital door sign shows her name so that she can enter safely and confidently.

In this way, you and your staff also always know which patient is currently in which treatment room. This form of digital room management reduces confusion and queries and significantly improves room utilization.


Waiting room TV: The benefits of infotainment in medical practices

A screen in the waiting room (waiting room TV) looks contemporary and shows your patients that you are keeping up with the times. This in turn creates additional confidence in your medical skills.

Especially patients who are afraid of treatment will thank you. Waiting room TVs are an ideal distraction and create a relaxed ambience. Nervous visitors can calm down and even take their minds off the upcoming appointment.

The great thing about waiting room TVs: you don't need a huge video wall or a complicated system with elaborate installation! A wall-mounted flat screen is already sufficient and does not take up any space in your premises. Even unsightly cables become almost superfluous with modern cloud-based digital signage solutions.

Thanks to the sophisticated technology, the use of already existing displays is also no problem. The digital signage software can be easily integrated into existing software solutions or a new or existing call system. This facilitates the work for you and your employees enormously, saves time and costs. On the other hand, new programs, retraining, etc. are not necessary.

You can change and adapt the content that appears on the waiting room TV at any time with just a few simple steps. This is because we rely on cloud-based software, which significantly reduces the time and effort required. Whether it's video, images or information about your additional offers and individual health services (hedgehogs): In no time, the content is customized according to your ideas.

The experience of our customers in the medical sector also shows that a waiting room TV can also increase sales. And that's if you advertise corresponding additional offers via the system. Updating the content during operation is also possible without any problems.


Software for the doctor's office: digital signage in the waiting room

With over 100,000 installations completed, we are the leading digital signage agency in German-speaking countries. We would be happy to help you equip your practice with a modern waiting room TV.

You will receive the desired elements already pre-configured, so you can get started immediately. Our qualified support is there to help you every step of the way.


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