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Digital signage pillars: Smart advertising pillars for various application areas

Digital signage pillars are a modern, cost-effective and smart solution for the digital presentation of information or the placement of advertisements. Outdoor steles in particular are a real eye-catcher - whether in a shopping mall or a restaurant.

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Definition: What is a "Digital Signage Stele"?

Digital signage pillars are digital display systems with integrated displays for presenting information or advertising. With the appropriate digital signage software, you can play simple texts as well as other audio files, images and videos.

What makes digital signage pillars special, however, is the way in which you supply the info pillar with content. Despite various deployment options, most companies prefer a cloud-based solution.

Whether at events or at the point of sale: digital signage is a great way to convey information or drum up publicity. Digital signage providers always rely on a combination of automation and previously created playlists. The basis for this is suitable triggers, flawless synchronization and complex scheduling. Once installed, digital signage displays thus offer a perfect advertising space.


1. digital signage steles are real multitaskers

Whether as a hotel display or as a digital menu board in a restaurant: A digital signage pedestal can be skillfully staged in any environment. For example, you can use it to simplify complex presentations, play relevant content or present new products to your customers.

With the right digital signage software, such an info display can be used even more versatilely. Because you can not only determine which content should appear on the screen of the digital signage pillar. The frequency of presented content can also be defined in advance, as can the language.


2. commands and orders

A good digital signage software supports complex functions and control mechanisms. This means you can control the playlist on the digital signage pedestal using predefined commands and commands. This ultimately benefits the administrators as well. After all, it also allows you to automate other tasks. These include regular reboots, device monitoring and zone allocation.


3. fully utilize advertising space - thanks to multiple zones

While there is usually enough space available for digital bulletin boards in companies, advertising messages should be as short and concise as possible. A digital signage pillar with multiple zones is ideal for making the best possible use of the available space.

Unlike the usual split screen, the zones are designed to overlap each other. This overlay has the advantage that different content can be displayed simultaneously. Classic examples from this area are the news tickers that move along the edge of the screen.


4. widgets, 3D animations and more: different formats for unique media experiences

In addition to the division into zones, a modern digital signage pillar also allows the use of widgets, animations and also offers further design options.

While 3D animations and the like primarily appeal to visitors, widgets also have a technical benefit. These are a separate container within the stele that can call up additional content. In particular, complex applications such as digital admission control, occupancy plans or calendars can be visualized excellently in this way.

Exactly what content a digital signage stele can present depends on various factors. Web widgets are considered to be particularly customizable. This means it is easy for the digital signage provider or external developer to integrate additional content.


5. practical reporting function

An important tool for the administrators is the reporting. With this function, all events that happen on the display of the digital signage pedestal can be logged. A reporting function is particularly useful for outdoor devices. The further away the digital signage pillars are from the location, the more difficult it is to use them outdoors. A device that stores the collected data in the cloud or in the corresponding network is recommended here.


6. remote maintenance and network capability

Modern digital signage pedestals are usually network-enabled. This allows administrators to perform all necessary tasks remotely. In addition, high-quality models have their own remote maintenance and reporting capabilities. Combined with an integrated content management system, you can deploy and maintain the devices on a large scale.

This remote access makes sense - after all, problems with technical devices happen all the time. This can be a system crash or incorrect playback of the playlist. In both cases, the remote maintenance option supports the company immensely.

7. high security standards

Which security mechanisms the digital signage pedestal offers depends on the specific device. But especially with outdoor devices, it is worthwhile to invest more in security. This is because they often fall victim to vandalism.

Smart digital signage pedestal - from the market leader, of course

Whether it's a shop window display, a waiting room TV or an outdoor digital signage pillar: you should never compromise on the quality of your digital signage devices. As a leading digital signage agency, we know what really matters when it comes to digital signage pillars. The advantages are obvious:

  1. Save time and money: with's intuitive digital signage software, you manage all content from a central location. This saves time - and therefore also money. Our products are designed for 24/7 continuous operation and are therefore optimized for professional use.
  2. Communicate in real time: Inform your customers, guests or employees about important changes within seconds. Completely location-independent: With our cloud-based digital signage software, synchronization succeeds from any location in the world. The only requirement: an Internet connection and a browser.
  3. Attract and retain customers: Improve your service by means of impressive visual communication. Use our steles, signboards, video walls, LED walls and touchscreens to improve your customers' experience.
  4. Reach your target audience: Provide your customers, employees or visitors with up-to-date information and entertainment. Rely on visual stimuli and suitable lighting concepts as well as interactive screens. For maximum flexibility.
  5. Enjoy premium service: Contact us at any time if you have any questions. We will help you with planning through free, personal webinars and install all products on request. We are also happy to support you during setup and, of course, during operation.

Save the environment: Say goodbye to superfluous flyers. With the use of modern technologies you are faster, more flexible and at the same time more environmentally conscious. Our players consume a fraction of the energy of conventional PC systems.


XTS-49 Digital advertising pillar from the digital signage market leader

XTS-32 / XTS-49 / XTS-55 single-sided and XTS-49-DS double-sided

Smart touch terminal from the digital signage market leader - the digital signage indoor touch stele for professionals

32 & 49 & 55 inch design advertising steles with capacitive touch (can be deactivated) / 32 & 49 & 55 inch design advertising steles

  1. Plug & Play (ready for immediate use)
  2. 32, 49 & 55 inch stele also available in white (special order)
  3. Disinfectant dispenser optional
  4. 49 inch stele also available double-sided
  5. 32 & 49 & 55 inch stele in black normally available immediately
  6. Very bright display (500cd)
  7. Simple touch operation like a smartphone
  8. Smart Player HD pre-installed
  9. 3 years cloud software included
  10. Audio 2 x 10W




The XTS Smart (Touch) Terminal series impresses with its elegant design and looks like a large smartphone with a stylish metal frame. The robust powder-coated housing is very durable and the seamless glass front makes touch operation very convenient, e.g. in the 49-inch version. It includes a Smart Player HD Cloud - so you can immediately import digital content via the DS Channel Cloud free of charge for 3 years, from the 4th year you only pay Euro 48 / year / stele plus VAT. The touch function can be deactivated on all models. A suitable disinfection dispenser module can be ordered as an option.

Technical details

Display size: 32“ touch / 49“ touch / 55“ touch
Type: WLED
Touch: 10 points capacitive
Panel: IPS LCD
Resolution: 1080x1920 Pixel
Viewing angle: H178° / V178°
Colours: 16.7 Mio
Response time: 6ms
Luminance: 500 cd 
Contrast: 1,400:1

LAN: Yes
Player: Smart Player HD Cloud
Software: 3 years Cloud CMS incl.
Energy consumption: 60 - 200 W
Standby: < 4 W
Housing colour: black (White & special colors can be ordered optionally)
Front: 3mm tempered glass
Application: Indoor / temperature 0° -50°

XTS-32 & XTS-49 & XTS-55 one-sided


(Touch) Stele for indoor use: Smart (Touch) Terminal
(Touch) Stele for indoor use: XTS 49

XTS-49 double-sided


XTS-49 & XTS-55 double-sided

XTS series in white & special colors (can be ordered optionally)


XTS series in white & special colors

Digital Signage complete solution from the market leader

3 years Premium Digital Signage Cloud CMS software included* 3 year warranty. Free Consulting webinar.

* = From the 4th year Euro 48 / year / player

125,000 installations across Germany.


DS Channel Premium Digital Signage Cloud CMS-Software: User-friendly. Cloud-based. Ready to go right out of the box.

  • 3 years cloud cms-software included

    3 years Premium Digital Signage Cloud CMS-Software made in Germany. From the 4th year Euro 48 / year / player.
  • 24/7 continuous operation

    All our products are certified for demanding round-the-clock continuous operation. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - without compromise.
  • 3 years warranty

    Investment security through premium digital signage players & signboards with 3-year warranty.
  • Detailed advice

    Free webinar to help you implement a digital signage solution that's right for you.
  • Everything from one source

    Consulting, conception, installation, setup, content design, content management & technical support.
  • Safe is safe

    Digital Signage Cloud CMS hosted in ISO27001 certified data center in Germany.




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