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Info displays: make the occasion even more meaningful

People want to be informed and entertained as soon as they enter an arena, stadium or hall. Our monitors and outdoor steles convince with rich, vibrant colors as well as an impressive resolution. The application possibilities of the info displays are manifold:

  • Provide clear information at entrances and ticket counters.
  • Make waiting times more bearable - with high-resolution waiting room TVs.
  • Deliver important information about the venue and the event itself - easily through digital signage.
  • Make wayfinding easier for visitors with searchable maps and digital door signs.
  • Promote pre-sales or new and upcoming events with eye-catching customer stoppers, window displays and other digital signage solutions at the point of sale.
  • Increase sales with cross-promotions and third-party advertising.
  • Make it easier to find books and other media with digital shelf labels in libraries.

Convince restaurant and hotel visitors of your offers and promotions - with digital menu boards and appealing hotel displays.

IAdea Germany Digital Signage in Public Facilities

Info displays : (Interactive) screens for events and public facilities

Modern digital signage displays are real eye-catchers. They allow you to effectively address customers and increase your sales through effective advertising spots and promotions. They are also ideal for conveying important information. For example, an info display can act as a digital bulletin board - whether in schools or businesses.

But info displays can also be used at events and at the entrance to museums, amusement parks or government offices. Here, the screens offer a welcome change and make it easier to control the flow of visitors. At the same time, they provide important information about the event in question and boost ticket sales by advertising future events. Of course, there is also room for third-party (paid) ads. The info displays can even function as part of a digital admission control system, significantly reducing waiting time!


Benefits and advantages of info screens

Digital signage pillars and screens are much more than just attractive advertising spaces. The devices are versatile and create new opportunities for information delivery or entertainment.

1. clear transmission of important information

Whether escape routes, opening hours or the latest offers: Info displays present your information in a clear and easy-to-understand way. With the possibility to display animations, videos or graphics, your content will reach exactly where you want it to: your guests or customers.

2. info displays are attention magnets

Thanks to high-resolution graphics and vibrant colors, info displays immediately attract the attention of passers-by. Especially videos and pictures are perfect to reach your goals (advertising, information, upselling ...). But even previously rather boring texts or tables can now be designed in an appealing and inviting way.

3. flexible in form and position

The classic form for info displays is undoubtedly the info pillar with an information panel mounted at eye level. This variant has proven itself time and again. But there are more exciting alternatives: from miniature screens to gigantic video walls, everything is possible. Experiment with positioning and combination options for maximum effects.

4. always the right medium

Want to play a video with sound? No problem. Images and text? Nothing easier than that. A touch function should allow access to further content? Done with just a few clicks! Digital info displays give you complete freedom to use your media as you wish.

Atmospheric info displays - for the right atmosphere

Information panels are practical communication tools, but they also add to the ambience of your event: Use the flexibility of the devices to create the right mood through colors, videos and sound.

Child's play installation and maintenance

Setting up info displays becomes child's play when you work with a professional digital signage agency like Thanks to preconfigured digital signage players and qualified support, setup, connection and commissioning can be completed in just a few minutes. Should problems occur during operation, we will also carry out any necessary maintenance for you.

Easily scalable

Your event was a huge success thanks to the info displays, now you want to expand your digital signage solution. No problem, thanks to our flexible cloud-based digital signage solutions for info screens. Additional devices can be easily integrated. This allows you to create a comprehensive overall concept that displays your content on the appropriate surfaces at the appropriate time. Best of all, the cloud solution frees you from costly in-house hosting, allowing for later adjustments.


Info displays: Digital signage for your event

To make your event a complete success, you should leave nothing to chance: Working with a professional digital signage agency ensures that your info displays have the maximum impact.

Our proven digital signage software allows you to create comprehensive digital signage solutions tailored to your needs. Inspire your visitors with modern entertainment and attractively presented information.


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