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Digital signage device and management service IAdeaCare now available exclusively from IAdea Germany and certified resellers

(Schwentinental, 25.06.2018) The market leader in media players, smart signboards and video wall technology for digital signage, IAdea, announces the availability of "IAdeaCare". IAdeaCare is an intelligent device and management service that ensures 24/7 operation of digital signage solutions. To do this, the remote service combines and correlates the wealth of real-time tracking information and monitoring data to proactively predict potential failures.

The IAdeaCare release, which was unveiled at Integrated System Europe (ISE) 2018 while still in beta, enables remote firmware updates, configuration and troubleshooting. Since its ISE debut, a number of features have been added to IAdeaCare. These include, for example, in addition to improved monitoring and analysis of the health of a digital signage system, instant email notification that immediately reports when a media player exceeds the offline threshold or if there is suspicious behavior that compromises security. Another optimized feature since IAdeaCare was first presented at ISE is the ability for Device and Management Service users to perform remote batch firmware updates.An application programming interface (API) is also now available. This allows IAdeaCare to be integrated with content management systems and thrid-party products, something IAdea partners have also embraced in a big way in recent weeks as an industry innovation and integrated into their systems. "I am very excited about the launch of IAdeaCare and would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for helping us transform digital signage into the next phase of growth," said Dipl.- Kfm. Björn Christiansen, Managing Director of IAdea Deutschland GmbH and adds: "With IAdeaCare we have revolutionized remote device management and with the new API we have created the possibility for our partners to predict and prevent security risks and device failures by integrating IAdeaCare into their content management systems (CMS) through the proactive analysis of health and performance data, centralized from within the respective CMS.  IAdeaCare is also available now through IAdea Deutschland GmbH and its certified resellers to provide cost savings, device intelligence and security to the IT technicians or audiovisual (AV) teams of organizations of all sizes.&ldqu o;

Key benefits of IAdeaCare include:

Cost savings: The cost of local troubleshooting or on-site maintenance can be as high as $1,000. The new remote maintenance solution can eliminate these on-site costs, as typical maintenance or troubleshooting tasks, such as system diagnostics, firmware updates, troubleshooting, remote reboots or status tracking can now be performed remotely with IAdeaCare.

Worry-free: Based on real-time access, IAdeaCare can access the current content of a wide range of display devices at any time and from anywhere, monitor what is happening and intervene remotely if necessary. For any digital signage device registered with IAdeaCare, warranty information is also displayed alongside device configuration details without the need to access or submit a ticket on a website.

Device Intelligence: IAdeaCare captures screenshots remotely and collects data from activities on registered devices. This enables IAdeaCare to prevent device failures through data-driven predictive maintenance.

For further questions, please contact the sales department of IAdea Deutschland GmbH at or call 0800 72400 98.



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