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Digital signage usefully bridges the waiting time

Digital signage usefully bridges the waiting time
(Hamburg, 18.10.20) "Waiting is wasted time, at least that's how the majority of our fellow human beings see it. And waiting indefinitely is just annoying for most of us." With the "DS Patient Call System", IAdea Germany does not drastically shorten waiting time, but it can fill it with meaningful information and, above all, classify the time spent waiting more closely.

The DS patient call system from German digital signage pioneer IAdea Deutschland is specially adapted to the healthcare sector. It manages patient traffic via digital signage technology in doctors' offices, medical centers, clinics, hospitals or emergency rooms. The DS patient call system thus ensures a fair and systematic allocation of patients, while at the same time informing them about IGeL services and educating them by means of action instructions, if desired. The triage procedure according to Manchester for prioritizing patients according to urgency is also completely mapped by the DS patient call system.

Calling up patient names in the waiting area is no longer necessary with the DS patient call system, as a numerical call is made, if necessary immediately with information about the treatment room and the attending physician. In short, says Dipl. Ing. Björn Christiansen, managing partner at IAdea Germany: "The patient call system shortens the perceived waiting time, increases patient satisfaction and relieves the team in practices or clinics".

In addition to the classic infotainment, a domain of digital signage through the split-screen technology, the system, which is optimized for the healthcare sector, can do much more to meaningfully bridge the waiting time or even optimize it in advance, for example by assigning online appointments via the integration of the corresponding website. The patient call display can also be shown directly on the patient's own smartphone with corresponding updating of the ranking. Using a smartphone and QR code, patients could even call up their patient cards, fill them out, update them and hand over the new data, which would also reduce waiting times thanks to faster processing.

The advantages of the DS patient call system at a glance:
  • Triage procedure according to Manchester
  • IGeL services
  • Multilingualism
  • Numerical call
  • Employee relief
  • Actual waiting time display
  • Perceived waiting time reduction
  • Decreasing stress potential
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Modular and scalable
  • Digital room display
  • Accessibility through call announcement
  • Patient cards with QR code
  • Patient assignment to multiple zones (e.g. consultation, laboratory, technology, etc.)
  • Call via smartphone
  • Display of products and services
  • Alarm function for emergencies
  • DSGVO-compliant call
  • Integrated statistics
  • ASP & Onpremise
  • Infotaiment
  • Professional Digital Signage Displays
  • Professional Digital Signage Player
  • Professional Digital Signage Stele
  • optional Digital Signage Agency Services


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