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SMIL media player from IAdea the optimal solution for many digital signage software vendors

XMP-3350 Full-HD WLan SMIL media player used in over 5000 installations in Europe

Kiel, March 24, 2013 - IAdea, as the world's only manufacturer of digital signage SMIL media players, has announced that Cittadino's Picturemachine SMIL now also fully supports IAdea Corp.'s players and signboards. This adds another digital signage top dog to the unique players.

Björn Christiansen of IAdea Corp. comments as follows: "There are currently 2 opposing trends in digital signage. On the one hand, there is the highly professional area with premium software manufacturers like Cittadino. Many customers rightly place a great deal of trust in these solutions. On the other hand, more and more manufacturers are entering the market who, in my opinion, offer cheap solutions that are not ready for the market. Sure, there are players for 100 euros. But between those and professional solutions from IAdea, for example, are worlds apart."

The XMP-3350 SMIL media player, which is currently installed in over 5000 installations, is now available in a new version.

The XMP-3350 Full-HD SMIL media player is the industry's first HTML5-enabled media device designed specifically for digital signage applications.

The XMP-3350 is equipped with the latest wireless LAN technology, effectively reducing installation and deployment costs. Through an external USB module, the XMP-3350 can also be integrated into a 3G mobile network. This was done, for example, in a Cittadino project.

The XMP-3350 SMIL media player meets the industry's highest hardware video decoding performance requirements. Advanced HDMI connectivity delivers full HD 1080p digital video and stereo audio over a single cable. Support for S1 through S12 media profiles defined by POPAI, the industry's standards body, simplifies device selection and content creation. RTSP multicast streaming enables real-time videocasting in stadiums and university facilities.

The SMIL standard is the industry's most widely supported digital scoreboard platform; it delivers superior new hardware while allowing existing management software to continue to be used. IAdea is working with leading management solution suppliers to provide a full range of connected scoreboard solutions; devices include compact full digital scoreboards through to full HD Blu-ray quality video players to meet the needs of all projects.

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