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TV at the point of sale boosts sales

IAdea offers professional POS TV hardware solutions worldwide

Schönkirchen, 05.07.2013 - The worldwide trend towards the installation of Point of Sale TV continues. With a turnover place of up to 100% in professional Point of Sale TV installations, the investment in these solutions pays off over a foreseeable period of time. The worldwide specialist for these solutions - IAdea Corp. - introduces a new POS TV player, which benefits from years of experience of IAdea Corp. in the field of POS TV. The IAdea XMP-2300 offers even greater flexibility for point of sale TV installations through wireless LAN connectivity. It enables use in locations where a wired network is too expensive, such as in retail environments with isolated sales booths.

To capture viewers' attention, point of sale TV increasingly uses dynamically generated content. The IAdea XMP-2200/2300 is optimized to display dynamic content loaded from the Internet, be it RSS feeds, news, weather, financial reports, sports scores or even social network updates. The same technology allows live data to be retrieved from a database to display, for example, transit arrival and departure times, current service wait times, or corporate management information. The integrated 3-D acceleration hardware ensures visually appealing display in the digital signage sector, including the latest animation and transition effects as used in slideshows, text tickers, etc. etc. In addition, the video material is decoded on the hardware side for pristine visual quality.

Designed for large scale transmissions

As a result of years of experience with large point of sale TV networks, the IAdea XMP-2200/2300 is designed primarily for robustness. The hardware operates without a fan, while the extremely sturdy metal chassis guarantees perfect protection and optimal heat dissipation. The system memory uses 4GB of dedicated, shock-proof solid-state memory that can hold several hours of multimedia content without the risk of crashing. And if a failure does occur, a hardware watchdog timer ensures that the system can be restored without human intervention.

Thanks to open W3C HTML5 and SMIL standards, the IAdea XMP-2200/2300 works seamlessly with most leading digital signage management software and SaaS services. This opens up myriads of great, proven solutions to ensure the success of your Point of Sale TV project.

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