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The video wall: The perfect place for breathtaking moving images

The video wall is considered the queen of digital signage! With it, huge screen solutions can be realized that inspire viewers and draw attention to your videos, images or presentations.

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LED video wall: what is a video wall?

A video wall is a large screen that often lines entire walls. Video walls are usually rectangular. However, they also come in other shapes and designs. Very long and narrow strips are also possible and are ideal, for example, as a digital menu board in the catering industry. Due to their size, video walls are perfect if you want to attract the attention of passers-by. For example, their use as a digital signage solution at the point of sale is very popular.

But if you want to buy a video wall, you don't have to bring out the big guns: Even displays that are larger than regular TV or computer screens fall into this category. Video walls often form the centerpiece of a larger digital signage solution and are combined with other products. For example, you can use a hotel display to welcome guests digitally. Afterwards, they can register via an automatic check-in. But also a digital admission control can be easily implemented with such a digital signage solution.

A distinction is made between LED walls and those composed of regular digital signage displays. The first variant allows very large displays, such as those commonly used in a soccer stadium or at trade fairs. If you buy an LED video wall, you will notice that the prices per square meter are relatively low here. This is due to the somewhat poorer resolution of the LED displays. However, this is negligible for video walls with a screen diagonal of several meters.

A possible alternative is a video wall consisting of several LCD screens with a particularly narrow border. Placed flush together, these also form a large display. This approach is particularly useful when high resolutions and a touch function are required. This is the case, for example, with "digital bulletin boards" or larger information displays. In addition, each of the monitors used can also display a different image, which gives you additional freedom. However, the display is not optimal due to the black borders that cover the image like a grid.


Legal regulations for video walls

Due to their design, LED video walls generate weak electromagnetic fields and must therefore comply with the specifications of the Federal Network Agency. Due to their size, the screens can also be considered a structural measure. In that case, it is imperative that you comply with the respective specifications and obtain an official permit.

LED video walls could, if used incorrectly, for example, be considered traffic interference according to §33 StVO. As an experienced digital signage agency, we provide you with comprehensive advice. This way, you can be sure that there will be no problems whatsoever when purchasing and operating an LED video wall.


How does a video wall work?

If you decide to buy one of the huge LED video walls, you will get a relatively simple, ready-made total product. After installation, you can connect the screen to a suitable digital signage player.

Thanks to our proven cloud-based digital signage solution, you can easily customize the display of your LED wall from anywhere.

A composite LCD video wall requires another player that contains a matching video processor. This splits the signal between the screens involved, duplicates it or even plays out different content at the same time. Here, too, you benefit from the flexible cloud software provided by

The arrangement of the screens is also solved on the software side. For example, you can form typical rectangles (2x2 or 2x3) as well as long strips (1x3, 2x8).

Alternatively, several monitors can be lined up. In addition, it is possible to work with different positions and angles. This makes this form of video wall interesting for art installations, for example.

An LCD or LED video wall is usually part of a larger digital signage solution. Digital info displays and wayfinding systems can be combined very well with a video wall. This ensures a coherent and professional overall impression. Ideally, all devices are connected to each other via a cloud.

But also the purchase of a single LED video wall can be useful. For example, you can equip a large meeting room in your company with a suitable display for presentations.


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Video Walls for Indoor & Outdoor: Smart LED Video Wall

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Please find more information about our products here:


Smart LED Video Wall System Solutions

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