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A safe home for allergy sufferers: Breathe easy again at last!

IAdea Germany - AiroDoctor - A safe home for allergy sufferers: Finally breathe easy again!

The days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer, everything is green and blossoming. But unfortunately, it is not only spring fever that is in the air: for people with hay fever, the most exhausting time of the year begins now - with a runny nose and itchy eyes. The pollen from hazel and alder has been on the move since the end of January, while birch, ash and grasses really pick up speed in the course of spring. Autumn is usually the time to take a breather, depending on which pollen you are allergic to.

Avoid pollen - outdoors and indoors

Hay fever is still the mildest variant of an allergic reaction. The far more serious and severe course is allergic bronchial asthma. In this case, there is an excessive immune reaction that results in severe coughing and even shortness of breath. The German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB) recommends allergen avoidance as the first measure, Realisation of the DAAB at the same time as difficult, as pollen can travel for kilometres through the air.

The enemy within your own four walls

But it is not enough for nature to become a problem - the allergic danger does not stop at your own four walls either. Pollen carried into the home in hair and clothing can make life a misery for allergy sufferers day and night. Apart from hyposensitisation and drug therapy, only a strict hygiene regime (mopping the floor and washing clothes) can bring a certain amount of relief.

Besides pollen, there are other allergens that can cause mild and severe allergic reactions, ranging from chronic rhinitis and itchy nasal mucous membranes to coughing, skin rashes and severe respiratory diseases. The Allergy Information Service of the Helmholtz Research Centre in Munich identifies above all house dust mite droppings, mould spores and animal hair from our beloved four-legged friends as the main triggers. In the case of the latter, allergy sufferers do not react to the hair itself, but to the protein in the saliva and sebum of the pets, which gets into the room air attached to the animal hair.

IAdea Germany - AiroDoctor - Providing a safe home for allergy sufferers

The AiroDoctor: providing a safe home for allergy sufferers

If allergy sufferers can't take a carefree stroll through spring meadows, they should at least have a place of well-being within their own four walls. Here you should be able to catch your breath during the day and sleep through the night in peace - without swollen nasal mucous membranes, itchy skin and coughing attacks. This is the task that the manufacturers of the Air purifier AiroDoctor has made it its goal. Its quadruple filter system cleans the room air sustainably and without harmful residues: pre-filter, activated carbon filter and HEPA filter out animal hair, dust particles and fungal spores - in short: all substances that are allergens or can become allergens. The quarterly cleaning and filter change are also designed with allergy sufferers in mind. The quiet and energy-saving operation makes the AiroDoctor a welcome guest in every healthy home.

IAdea Germany - AiroDoctor